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Marginal Gains Maximum Profit

Jul 1, 2022

You might be opening this thinking well, of course a sales training provider would say now is the best time to train staff!  However, there are genuine facts that show the summer is absolutely the right time to invest in training your team.


Are you seeing the summer ‘slump’ where sales staff are demotivated, not engaged and vacant? Is there time that could be dedicated to projects that have no time during busier phases of the year? What quick win training could generate revenue?  How are your plans for Q3 and Q4 lead conversion? 


If you’re unsure of the answers to any of these questions as a Sales Director or Manager, click the listen now button to find out where opportunities will lie.  Your revenue figures on December 31 will thank you!


On today’s episode:

  • The summer sales slump and how it affects your teams motivation and performance
  • Where sports teams shine - during a busy phase
  • How this is a good time to dedicate to training, which may be overlooked during the rest of the year
  • Where opportunities lie to generate quality leads that will convert from September through December
  • How training will help retain your team in 2022
  • Utilise sales competitions after a training to make the work more fun, and instantly applicable
  • Why you need to differentiate to generate revenue in a challenging, potentially recession, market through H2 2022.


Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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