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Marginal Gains Maximum Profit

Jul 15, 2022

Today I am delighted to welcome a business connection of mine, Bradley Hatchett from NetworkMyClub onto the podcast.  As sales people, we have a usually very poor opinion of networking.  Windowless, stuffy hotel conference rooms with a poor breakfast and an armful of useless business cards - that is what I think of anyway.  However, with Bradley he is seeking to change the perspective of networking not just for attendees but for venues and hosts.


On this episode, we talk about the pitfalls of bad networking, the value of relationship building, lead generation through networking events and where training sales people to network properly is a fantastic way to generate quality leads, referrals and ultimately sales.


Key talking points from today:

  • Why sports venues are perfect places to drive networking from
  • Making conversation starters not just with a business card
  • The Networking Sandwich - Research - Event - Follow Up
  • The value in referrals
  • Why it is important to keep close to people you meet; don’t expect a quick sale- unless they are a unicorn!
  • Why when networking you are representing not just yourself, but your whole organisation.
  • How the pandemic helped demonstrate the value of network
  • The top tips to do it well! 

Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

To discuss our networking best practice, book into Rob’s diary.

Check out the Future of Sales In Sport - Whitepaper.

Top 5 Business Development Questions: If you’re looking to convert more business development calls into sales?  You need to be asking the right questions and getting the best information to support future work.  Download our Top 5 BDQs here and start getting quality information from your prospects.

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