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Marginal Gains Maximum Profit

Jul 29, 2022

Welcome back to the Marginal Gains, Maximum Profit podcast where today we’re talking about how 2022 has proven it more vital than ever before to train your staff through onboarding. Right now recruiting new staff, particularly in sales, is a global challenge and when you find the right person it is vital to ensure you begin the process of both retaining them - and ensuring they make revenue - from Day 1.

With onboarding we don’t mean a fancy pen and a LinkedIn post, we’re talking about fundamental training that will not only sharpen their skills, bring them into your company tone and voice, but actually help your entire sales team.

Key talking points from today:

  • One of the biggest challenges right now is not the economy, nor spending power, but the fundamental lack of access to quality staff
  • We’re heading into a potential recession, why should I be worried about hiring?
  • UK employment passes 75%, with 1.3million vacancies means there are more jobs than people
  • The power has shifted from employer to employee and companies need to react
  • There is too much focus on the recruitment process, in both time and investment, and nowhere near enough allocated to someone joining the workforce
  • 30% of new starters leave within 6 months of joining a company.  Can you afford that to happen for you?
  • 93% of workers interviewed by LinkedIn said they would stay at a company if they were invested in - it is a huge number of potentially retained staff


Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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