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Marginal Gains Maximum Profit

Aug 12, 2022

Today we’re delighted to be joined by the CEO of PDC and one of Matchroom groups most important people, Matthew Porter.  Matthew oversaw the commercialisation of PDC, the world darts organisation, in addition to being the youngest football league CEO of all time, and now manages the day to day operations of and expansion of Matchroom Sports across boxing, darts, snooker and much more.


We talked about a range of topics from getting the right staff, training & retaining, how to commercialise and drive sales revenue for both businesses and consumers, and why it is important to deliver value to a client.


Key talking points from today:

  • Why it was important to drive a profit - or at least close to it - at Leyton Orient, commercially running a football club not driving it into the ground for an owner to continually bail out
  • Importance of TV revenue for his business for both sponsors and scaling
  • Employing people on personality first, they can be trained second. Why cultural fit and commitment to the role are vital
  • Running a business with no glass ceiling for anyone
  • Driving mentality changes from people who historically would not want to interact with the Matchroom/PDC product
  • Understanding the value of having some experience your event, team, business first hand
  • Providing value - not just price
  • Challenges of globalization of sport for a commercial revenue generation perspective with ticketing and hospitality
  • Building and scaling a sustainable business future is key


Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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