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Marginal Gains Maximum Profit

Aug 26, 2022

On today’s episode of MGMP, Jess flies solo and talks about a really key topic at the moment around sales management resentment of junior staff.  But importantly, she is on hand with all the tips and tricks of how to overcome this!


There are challenges at the moment with regards to development of staff internally, and it is causing problems culturally at all levels of an organisation. Equally, in the world of Covid-19 and post-furlough re-integration into a company, people are looking for more than just a bottom line salary.


Key talking points from today:

  • How Covid changed the landscape and desire for staff of training and development, especially from external voices
  • Hybrid working is fine as long as the sales team have experience
  • However if you are hiring more junior candidates, they most likely do not have the knowledge nor discipline to work effectively in this manner
  • It is probably more challenging for these staff to bill and make commission, therefore motivation wanes, and potential resignations rise
  • This then causes issues with trying to stay with the business, as they lean on senior management with more queries, requests for support and reassurance which negatively impacts on their ability to do their own job
  • Top billers do not necessarily make the best trainers
  • Targets are increasing, especially with the economic situation, therefore training and development are more important than ever

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